Communication Skills on the Phone (II): Phone Etiquette for Answering Calls

If you are using the textbook: English for Communications, use this video in unit 4: Communications Skills on the Phone.

To carry out this activity you need the following materials:

1. Video: Phone Etiquette for Answering Calls. Length: 01:11 (see 
Materials by Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and María Zabala Peña
Video Information:
Video by: Tracy Goodwin

You can also download the video  from the following site:

When to carry out this video exercise:
 If you are using the book English for Communications, you can carry out this activity at the end of section 1.2. in unit 4.
Do  your students need a break? For a short video task on How to  Deal with Telemarketers, go to this other blog HERE

About Beatriz Papaseit Fernandez and María Zabala Peña
We are Beatriz Papaseit Fernadez and Maria Zabala Peña We have been teaching English in Secondary Education and Vocational training for more than 15 years. In order to spice up our lessons for Office Applications and English for Communications and Customer Care , we have been using some videos we downloaded from the net . We want to share with you the materials we created to go along with the video. If you happen to be using the textbook English for Office Applications (MacMillan Profesional- Spain) or English for Communications (MacMillan Profesional-Spain) you will find these materials very useful. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and María Zabala Peña

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