Death by Power Point

If you are using the textbook: English for Communications,  use this video as an extension tasks  in units:

Unit 2. Corporate Communication and Information Processes

Unit 3. Oral Communication

Unit 10.  Communications Skills for  Quality Customer Services 

To carry out this activity you need the following materials:

1. Video: Death by Power Point . Video length 4: 25.s (see below)

2. Dynamic Presentations _Life after Death by PowerPoint_ Script and instructions

3. Dynamic Presentations_Life after Death by PowerPoint_ Students Handout

4. Dynamic Presentations_Life after Death by PowerPoint_ Photocopiable answer sheet for question B _key

Materials by Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and María Zabala Peña

Video Information:

Original video source:

You can also download the video from the following site: Maria and Bea’s site

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